Realization of GaN PolarMOS using Selective-Area Regrowth by MBE and it's Breakdown Mechanisms



GaN PolarMOS is a vertical power transistor incorporating the unique polarization-induced bulk doping scheme in III-nitrides for the body p-n junction. We report the realization of this device, wherein the vertical channel, source contact, and body contact regions are successfully formed using three steps of selective-area epitaxial regrowth, all by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The fabricated PolarMOS has an excellent on-current of >500 mA mm−1 and a specific on-resistance of 0.66 mΩ · cm2 . The reverse breakdown mechanisms of the PolarMOS are investigated. First, a pronounced source-drain vertical leakage is identified and attributed to the passivation of the buried p-type body, which is subsequently resolved by the sidewall activation method. With the body leakage eliminated, the breakdown voltage is found to be limited by a highly conductive path along the regrowth sidewall interface using the conductive scanning probe technique, despite the absence of apparent structural defects.


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  • Kazuki Nomoto

  • Aditya Sundar

  • Kevin Lee

  • Mingda Zhu

  • Zongyang Hu

  • Edward Beam

  • Jinqiao Xie

  • Manyam Pilla

  • Xiang Gao

  • Sergei Rouvimov

  • Debdeep Jena

  • Huili Grace Xing

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  • Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

  • 58

  • 0021-4922

Publication Date
  • 2019-05

  • Titan TEM

  • SEM

  • The Japan Society of Applied Physics

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  • 2019-08-26

  • English

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