Atomic ordering and bond relaxation in optical spectra of self-organized InP/GaInP2 Wigner molecule structures



We used transmission electron microscopy, Raman, and photoluminescence spectroscopy to identify the effect of CuPt-type GaP-InP atomic ordering (AO) on the structural and emission properties of self-organized (SO) InP/GaInP2 Wigner molecule (WM) quantum dot (QD) structures. We found that the correlation of AO and SO growth results in the formation of InP/GaInP2 QD/AO-domain (QD/AOD) core-shell composites. This observation shows that intrinsic WMs in this system emerge due to a strong piezoelectric field generated by AODs, which induces QD doping and a built-in magnetic field. We found that the bond relaxation of AODs leads to a decrease in the emission energy of WMs of 80 meV. The photoluminescence spectra of single WMs having an emission energy 1.53 eV are presented here, the lowest one reported for this system.


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  • A. M. Mintairov

  • D. V. Lebedev

  • N. Bert

  • K. G. Belyaev

  • V. N. Nevedomskiy

  • M. V. Rakhlin

  • A. A. Toropov

  • A. S. Vlasov

  • A. Gocalinska

  • G. Juska

  • E. Pelucchi

  • M. A. Arrendondo

  • A. B. Naden

  • A. V. Shelaev

  • V. A. Bykov

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  • Applied Physics Letters

  • 115

  • 20

  • 00036951

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  • 2019-11

  • Titan TEM

  • AIP Publishing LLC

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  • 2020-01-09

  • English

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