Survey on Faculty Self-Deposit Practices in Institutional Repositories



Research data collected from a survey studying reported behaviors of faculty self-deposit in institutional repositories, the environment and nature of the repositories, and levels of satisfaction of those responsible for the repositories.

This survey was open to anyone at an institution of higher education in the United States self-identifying as responsible in some way for bringing content into an institutional repository or otherwise involved in handling metrics of an institutional repository. It had 80 respondents, from 80 different institutions. The survey was conducted using the Qualtrics tool. Deduplicating data was collected, however it was removed from this export using the Python Pandas library. The CSV was opened in Pandas and a new CSV constructed without the columns which had been marked as confidential in the survey.

Notes on use: When using Excel, column Q15 will be mis-parsed to read numbers 1-20 as “Jan 20.” Users should be aware of this and should consider working with the data through Python instead. A typographical error was made on certain questions determining ranges, where such ranges were indicated by such statements as 1-20 and 20-50. As these were broad ranges, respondents can be expected to have replied within the spirit of the range.

This survey was conducted with IRB human research exemption, number: FWA 00002462; Protocol 16-04-3111.


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  • Ruth Tillman

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  • 2017-07-31

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