Epistemological Letters



Epistemological Letters was a product of its time and played an important role in the foundations of physics at a critical moment in the field’s early development. Launched in November 1973 and concluded in October of 1984 after thirty-six issues, it was neither a journal nor a newsletter, functioning more like today’s preprint servers. Its founders described the concept thusly on the back cover of every issue: “‘Epistemological Letters’ are [sic] not a scientific journal in the ordinary sense. They [sic] want to create a basis for an open and informal discussion allowing confrontation and ripening of ideas before publishing in some adequate journal.” It was published under the auspices of the Association Ferdinand Gonseth’s Institut de la Méthode in Bienne, Switzerland… Introductory Matter Continued.

Shared with permission of the Association Ferdinand Gonseth, original publisher of the Letters.


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