Anti-HIV group I introns and uses thereof in treating HIV infections



Described is a unique class of antiviral molecule that can be applied to control and eliminate HIV infection in patients using myeloablation therapies and replenishment with transformed bone marrow stem cells programmed to express the antiviral molecule. These anti-viral molecules target the HIV genome in a highly conserved domain, and when expressed in cells prior to infection will cause the cell to die upon infection with HIV. Cell death insures no proliferation of new virus. Reconstituting the immune system with cells expressing these antivirals prevents re-establishment of HIV infection from reservoirs in the re-established lymphocyte and macrophage populations. Over time, reservoirs will be depleted entirely, effectively eliminating the virus. In effect, this new type of antiviral can be used to cure HIV infections.


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  • Anti-HIV group I introns and uses thereof in treating HIV infections

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  • US 9707257 B2

  • Malcolm J. Fraser

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  • Malcolm J. Fraser

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  • 13/096,626

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  • 2012-11-01

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  • US 20120276071 A1

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