Global Assassinations V1.0



The Assassinations Dataset V1.0 is available as both an .xlsx and .csv file. The dataset contains 7,457 assassination events. An assassination event involves both successful (target killed) or attempted (target not killed) assassination. Data is sourced from News Articles, Wikidata, The Global Terrorism data set and the Archigos dataset. The dataset contains 11 columns:

  1. Name - the name of the target of the assassination

  2. Date - the date that the assassination event occured

  3. Country - country where the assassination took place

  4. Position - position held by the target (description was as specific as was allowed by the sources used to identify the event)

  5. Success - ‘1’ for successful assassinations (target killed) and ‘0’ for attempted assassinations (target not killed)

  6. Verify 1 WikiData - the unique Wikidata “Q” identifier for the Wikidata page of the assassination target

  7. Verify 2 Archigos - the unique Archigos identifier (column ‘leadid’ in Archigos dataset) for the assassination event

  8. Verify 3 GTD - unique GTD identifier (column ‘eventid’ in the GTD dataset) for the assassination event

9-11. Verify 4-6 NLP/Article - for each event up to 3


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  • Paul Brenner

  • Abigail Sticha

  • Steven Broussard

  • Iaan Havenaar

  • Ernesto Verdeja

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