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The Mexican patent database collects data on all patents issued in Mexico from roughly 1840 to the onset of the Mexican Revolution in 1911, totaling approximately thirteen thousand five hundred (13,500) discrete patent records. At present, this is the most comprehensive record of patents issued by Mexican governments during the nineteenth century. There is no single archival or published source that contains a comprehensive list or data on Mexican patents issued over the course of the long nineteenth century, and thus no other way to access the full breadth of this source for the history of technology. The section (ramo) “Patentes y Marcas” in the Archivo General de la Nación (AGN) contains official files on about one thousand four hundred (1,400) patents, or about one-tenth of the total issued by the federal government. Many of the files held in the AGN represent rich sources of detailed evidence on inventions and patent claims by applicants, including application letters, technical drawings, administrative notes, and sometimes additional materials. But the documents in the AGN represent only a small fraction of the patents issued by Mexican governments over the course of the nineteenth century and thus do not offer a useful guide to broader patterns or trends. We have made every effort to check the accuracy of our data but cannot ensure that this database is error-free. We request that any user of this data comply with the following:

• Any use of the data in published reports or papers should appropriately acknowledge the source, and cite the source in any table (Edward Beatty, “Mexican Patent Database 1840-1910,” University of Notre Dame.doi:10.7274/R0K64G4F)

• Please inform the author of any errors or omissions. This will enable us to update and improve the database, and to share improvements with users.

• We appreciate receiving copies of all published papers and working papers that use or refer to this data. This will allow us, for instance, to inform you of any errors or changes made in the data, and will facilitate a community of researchers on related topics.

• Please do not pass the data on to others without notifying us. We prefer that any new user download the data directly from this site.

Documentation for the Mexican Patent Database 1840-1910 includes:

  1. A “Read Me” file that describes sources and methods used to construct the database.
  2. A “Code Book” that lists and describes the database fields and their specification.
  3. A “Classifications Codes” document with the patent classifications established by the Mexican Patent Office in 1903.
  4. The “Mexican Patent Database 1840-1910,” presented as a downloadable .cvs file.

Further information can be obtained from the author: Edward Beatty Department of History University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN 46556



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