Discomfort, Dissonance and Prioritization among Individuals with Two Stigmatized Identities

Master's Thesis


This project seeks to understand how discomfort with stigma influences LGBT-POC (people of color) identity selection, especially in today’s social climate where many people assume we have progressed past prejudicial disadvantages. Thus the main research question is: For LGBT-POC, are feelings of discomfort from interactions with members of one of these identity groups associated with prioritization of one identity over the other? Using a data set titled the Social Justice Sexuality Project reported identity importance is measured. I am testing for evidence that individuals prioritize one stigmatized identity over the other. I found that discomfort in one’s LGBT community because of respondent’s racial/ethnic identity and discomfort in one’s racial/ethnic community because of respondent’s sexual identity both result in a reduced likelihood of prioritizing that identity. This quantitative analysis should be seen as a precursory exercise as well as a step towards demonstrating the need for nationally representative surveys of LGBT-POC.


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  • etd-04172015-135044

Author Nathaniel Edward Reed
Advisor Rory McVeigh
Contributor Kraig Beyerlein, Committee Member
Contributor Rich Williams, Committee Member
Contributor Jennifer Jones, Committee Member
Contributor Rory McVeigh, Committee Chair
Degree Level Master's Thesis
Degree Discipline Sociology
Degree Name MA
Defense Date
  • 2015-08-21

Submission Date 2015-04-17
  • United States of America

  • social identity

  • discomfort

  • stigma

  • LGBT people of color

  • University of Notre Dame

  • English

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