Luminous Visions: Expanding Awareness through the Undisclosed Lenticular Photograph

Master's Thesis


The photographs comprising Luminous Visions document ordinary and overlooked moments of natural light in interior spaces. The use of lenticular technology in the photographs engage visual perception to encourage a mindful state of observation as opposed to a logical state of interpretation. Immersion into the present moment through mindful observation burns away the mental fog of our day-to-day thoughts and emotions to reveal an ineffable realm of clarity. These undisclosed photographs of light displace the mental impulse for creating meaning in order to draw us into the boundless unfolding of presence.

The ontological bond between photography and daily life invites us to recognize the simple presence of natural light appearing in our own everyday environments. Although these are everyday images, the undisclosed quality of these photographs allows them to stand as original visual experiences in their own right. Being simultaneously referential and original, Luminous Visions suggests an expansion of Roland Barthes’ photographic theory of the referent and the beginnings of a new future for photography. By entwining art and life, the work not only offers a new way to engage with photographs but also with life itself.


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Author Anna Thorne
Contributor Richard L. Gray, Research Director
Degree Level Master's Thesis
Degree Discipline Art, Art History, and Design
Degree Name Master of Fine Arts
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Submission Date 2021-03-11
  • Visual art, photography, lenticular, abstract, fine art, undisclosed, consciousness, awareness, perception, presence, philosophy, psychology, affect, meaning

  • English

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