Visualization support for requirements monitoring in systems of systems



Industrial software systems are often systems of systems (SoS) whose full behavior only emerges at runtime. The systems and their interactions thus need to be continuously monitored and checked during operation to determine compliance with requirements. Many requirements monitoring approaches have been proposed. However, only few of these come with tools that present and visualize monitoring results and details on requirements violations to end users such as industrial engineers. In this tool demo paper we present visualization capabilities we have been developing motivated by industrial scenarios. Our tool complements REMINDS, an existing requirements monitoring framework, which supports collecting, aggregating, and analyzing events and event data in architecturally heterogeneous SoS. Our visualizations support a ‘drill-down’ scenario for monitoring and diagnosis: starting from a graphical status overview of the monitored systems and their relations, engineers can view trends and statistics about performed analyses and diagnose the root cause of problems by inspecting the events and event data that led to a specific violation. Initial industry feedback we received confirms the usefulness of our tool support.


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  • Lisa Maria Kritzinger

  • Thomas Krismayer

  • Michael Vierhauser

  • Rick Rabiser

  • Paul Grünbacher

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  • Proceedings of the 32nd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering

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  • 889

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  • 894

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  • 2017-10

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  • 2017-11-19

  • English

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