Where Can I Find More Money?: How the Challenges of Fundraising Impact the Religious Identity of Faith-Based Organizations

Master's Thesis


International non-government organizations (INGOs) face a challenge of fundraising (AbouAssi 2015; Banks et al 2015). Fundraising efforts often create tensions for INGOs when they have to prioritize between their own values and the priorities of potential donors. This tension not only affects whether faith-based organizations (FBOs) accept government funding, but also impacts the religious identity of the organization itself. Little research has addressed how external sources of funding influence religious identity. My research asks the question: How do perceptions of the continuity of resources and value congruence impact the religiosity of FBOs? I found that when FBO leaders perceive their organization’s current stream of resources as unsustainable, they adapt the FBO’s religious identity. My findings support theories of stakeholder salience and resource dependency; when FBOs can maintain a sustainability of resources then their religiosity also remains constant.


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Author Katherine R. Comeau
Contributor Christian Smith, Research Director
Degree Level Master's Thesis
Degree Discipline Sociology
Degree Name Master of Architecture
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  • 2016-07-16

Submission Date 2016-07-16
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