Channel estimation filter for OFDM receiver



A channel smoothing filter with a finite impulse response (FIR) has a controller which reads parallel sample data out of an FFT memory in such a manner as to generate an even function, the sample data applied to a preamble equalizer accompanied by a preamble sign and zero, the preamble outputs coupled to three filter processors, each filter processor having four filter engines whose outputs are summed, the channel smoothing filter generating an a register output, the register input coupled to a summer which has as inputs: the first filter processor shifted by four, the second filter processor shifted by two, the third filter processor, and the register output. Coefficients for an edge filter and a central filter are provided in Zero Sign Shift (ZSS) format, and by selection of coefficients using a canonical signed digit (CSD) algorithm, no multipliers are required for the channel smoothing FIR filter.


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  • Channel estimation filter for OFDM receiver

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  • US 8259786 B2

  • Partha Sarathy Murali

  • Kashiviswanath Nethi

  • Karthik Vaidyanathan

  • Sundaram Vanka

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  • Sundaram Vanka

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  • 12/368,431

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  • 2012-09-04

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  • US 20100202504 A1

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  • 375/232

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  • H04L 25/022 (20130101); H04L 25/03159 (20130101); H04L 27/2647 (20130101)

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  • H03H 7/30 (20060101)

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  • 2012-09-04

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office

  • Redpine Signals, Inc. (San Jose, CA)

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