Rapid Quantitative Protein Detection by Light Transmission Spectroscopy



Rapid, sensitive, and quantitative protein detection is critical for many applications in medicine, environmental monitoring, and the food industry. Advancements in detection of proteins include the use of antigen-antibody binding; however, many current methods are time-consuming and have limiting factors such as low sensitivity and the inability to provide absolute values. We present a new high-throughput method for protein detection using light transmission spectroscopy (LTS), which can quantify and size nanoparticles in fluid suspension. LTS can quantify proteins directly and target specific proteins through antigen-antibody binding. This work shows that LTS can distinguish between and quantify bovine serum albumin, its antibody, and the BSA + Ab complex and determine BSA protein concentrations down to 5 μg/mL. We use both Mie and discrete dipole approximation models to provide geometric insight into the binding process.


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  • A. E. Deatsch

  • A. J. Shogren

  • S. P. Egan

  • J. L. Tank

  • N. Sun

  • S. T. Ruggiero

  • C. E. Tanner

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  • Applied Optics

  • 58

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  • 1121

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  • 1127

  • 1559-128X

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  • 2019-02

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  • 2019-08-07

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