Photocatalytic decomposition of Rhodamine B on uranium-doped mesoporous titanium dioxide



Mesoporous uranium-doped TiO2 anatase materials were studied to determine the influence of U-doping on the photocatalytic properties for Rhodamine B (RhB) degradation. The physico-chemical properties of the samples were characterized and the results of X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and Raman spectroscopy demonstrate homogeneous incorporation of uranium into the anatase lattice. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of the doped anatase confirmed the dominance of the U4+ species and an increasing proportion of U6+ species as the uranium doping was increased. The absorption thresholds of the uranium-doped anatase extended into the visible light region. A synergistic effect of the band gap energy and oxidation state of the dopant contribute to an enhanced photocatalytic capability for RhB degradation by U-doped TiO2.


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  • Yi Liu

  • Blake Becker

  • Brandon Burdine

  • Ginger E. Sigmon

  • Peter C. Burns

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  • 2017

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  • 2018-08-23

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